Due to various industry trends ARTI is no longer representing a PVC manufacturer. Whether we agree or not with changes in said trends they nevertheless take place. Generically speaking, PVC's are available in large sheets, in a wide variety of colors and may be fleece-backed for re-roofing


A number of roofing systems are installed using torches, some using flame and others hot air. Materials such as PVC, TPO, APP and SBS (to name a few) can be installed by applying heat to the materials thereby liquifying the product to cause adhesion.

Concrete Slab Most if not all above grade plaza decks are actually a roof system, more appropriately termed IRMA (see IRMA). Concrete slab or pavers offer the most discriminating Architects, long term and beautiful solutions to providing suitable (usable) deck surfacing over the most sensitive roofing requirements. Concrete ballast for roofs, plaza, recreational, pool and other decks. How is all of the accomplished on a sloped deck? By first planning the installation of a very unique system of pedestals which are made of an inert composite material to resist rot, water penetration and durable enough to withstand the weight of concrete slabs. These pedestals are arranged on the deck to allow the slab to remain level while allowing the sloped deck to preform as designed and shed the water to internal drains or scuppers. Check this out! Bison Pedestals in action!

SBS sheet waterproofing membrane

Factory coated scrims of various type; including but not limited to fiberglass, polyester and combinations thereof. The scrim configuration may also vary from woven, loose, random, fleece etc. Coatings range from modified asphalt such as SBS and APP. Ordinarily these sheets are applied to a prepared substrate, in a lapped fashion, adhered with either hot asphalt, cold or other appropriate adhesives, and/or mechanical fasteners.

Roof and Wall Protection Course

Engineered gypsum boards (also known as 'cover boards') are designed to provide a durable, water resistant protection course within various roofing and wall systems. Used as an effective underlayment Dens-Deck provides a smooth, sound substrate ready to receive single-ply, multi-ply commercial grade roofing assemblies all while improving or supplying the sole component for Class A fire ratings. Beneath steep sloped metal, tile, shingle roof systems, Dens-Deck amply serves as a preparation to receive insulation or the felts prior to installing the final roof system. High

Engineered gypsum boards for sheathing walls- For walls, proper sheathing not only strengthens, develops fire resistance and provides proper substrate to receive Air Barriers and other EIFSystems but "enhanced sheathing" eliminates building wrap and fluid applieds saving time (reducing trips around the building) all while providing superior barrier performance you need and expect but at a substantial labor savings.

Density Wood Fiber Board- All wood fiber boards are not created equal, only use high density materials in a roofing assembly. Readily available, wood fiber board can compliment any single-ply, BUR or other asphalt roof system requiring a rigid course between insulation and membrane. Also available with perlite for additional resistance to fire.

Interlocking concrete pavers

The interlocking feature of concrete pavers comes from the unique way that sand settles in the joints of each pavers to lock them together for extraordinary durability yet allow drainage and movement naturally occurring in grade applications. For centuries, pavers, cobblestones have been used throughout Europe and in the U.S. for beautiful, characteristic architectural walkways, roadways, pedestrian and vehicular thoroughfares.


Over the last several years there has been an ever growing need for economical roofing installation alternatives in the single-ply membrane market. Firestone now offers to their already vast line of commercial roofing systems, TPO. These heat welded seam systems, are relatively quick to install and represent another excellent roofing choice for specifiers looking for white membrane solutions for "thermal islands"- excessive heat gain in urban and industrial areas with dark roof surfaces.


(BUR)- A roofing system comprised of numerous layers of asphalt and felts, applied in the field (not factory coated) by the contractor to achieve various ply's as specified. Commonly referred to as 4-ply or 5-ply, pitch and gravel, hot tar, hot, hot mop etc.). The final ply must be protected from UV and may require a cap sheet, gravel or some other coating. Built-up-roofing systems should be limited to low slope applications between 1/4:12 to 1-1/2:12. Warranties from 10, 15 and 20 years are available and have been providing outstanding service to the roofing industry for a century or more.


(ISO) - A rigid insulation board- advantageous in many applications because of its unique energy-conserving qualities. It has a high R-Value, which is a measure of thermal resistance used to describe an insulating material's effectiveness. Polyiso's thermal performance offers high R-Value, per inch, in a wide variety of facings to serve the insulation needs of building owners. Substantially reduced utility bills variety of roofing, siding, sheathing, insulation board materials and house wrap for single family homes, commercial grade roofing and many other industrial applications. Whether flat or tapered insulation substrates for roofs are needed, ISO can be configured to meet the specifications.

Spray Foam Insulation

(SFI)A fluid chemical that when sprayed-in-place it expands and cures to a rigid state. It is by nature self-adhering and requires no pinning, fastening nor additional adhesives. For modification or removal it can be cut away using a hand saw. Ultimately, when specified to the correct depth and breadth, spray foam insulation controls thermal, sound and vibratory transmissions keeping the occupied airspace temperate, free of unwanted moisture build-up and quieter. By substituting common 'blanket' insulation, a potential source of moisture containment, we remove one of the important means of survival for mold other allergens thereby improving the air quality for occupants.

Extruded polystyrene

Rigid 'styrene' board insulation is available for optimum insulation solutions in IRMA (Inverted Roofing Membrane Assemblies), specialized planter applications and below grade waterproofing projects requiring both insulation (R-value) and puncture protection. Whenever high-performance drainage and protection course issues are required, please consult carefully with design professionals, in your locale, for precise building code approvals and successful product track records.


Rubber single ply roof membrane for low slope, new or recover roofs in full systems warranted applications. System advantages include, wide sheets for speedier coverage of large roof areas more reliably because of fewer seams. Patently superior u.v.. resistance, it's origins in pond lining applications, consistently better seam tape technology all lend to making EPDM a proven value in the commercial and industrial roofing markets. EPDM remains one of the industry leaders in pond lining.

Modified Bitumen

SBS and APP modified asphalt membranes are factory coated as opposed to field applied asphalt and felts (see BUR). The variety of scrim used during the manufacturing process varies considerably per manufacturer and desired performance specifications. Some utilize fiberglass, polyester and combinations thereof. The scrim configuration may also vary from woven, loose, random, fleece etc. With a range of granule coatings (again factory applied), in colors and aesthetics desired, modified's offer diversity and a high level of quality control features. Warranties are available from material only to NDL materials and labor.


Asphalt impregnated fiberglass- for over 150 years asphalt shingles have provided residential and commercial property owners extremely effective and yet moderately priced solutions to shed water from pitches (slopes) of 3:12 to 11:12. When properly installed over felt ply(s) asphalt shingles achieve warrantable service life of 20 to 50 years, depending upon the specifications desired. Aesthetically, shingles are popular for their wide color range, texture, and pattern choices.

Metal shingles

- available in copper and stone-coated steel the next step up in shingle performance and rank as one of the premier solutions to any steep sloped roofing applications. Both residential and commercial projects benefit from the extraordinary long life and 'over-the-top' appearance of metal shingles. Any shingle application should be properly specified in conjunction with engineered ridge-to-soffit venting.

Grease Traps

Rooftop grease vent accessories to trap grease from restaurant roof vents. Grease flowing onto roof membranes, unchecked will inevitably damage roof membrane and void a roof warranty.

Batt Insulation

With full range of laminated barriers, batt insulation, tapes and accessories batt insulation serves both commercial and residential applications Microlite "L" is a high quality, highly resilient fiber glass blanket insulation designed for lamination to a wide choice of custom vapor-retarding facings. Appropriate for roof and wall applications in both new and existing metal buildings, offering excellent insulating value along with vapor retardation, noise reduction, and an attractive appearance.

Fluid Applied Membrane

For low slope or dead level, even ponded roofing and waterproofing, can achieve adequate and cost effective solutions using Fluid applied membrane also serves well as an appropriate fix for difficult repairs, flashing details Warranties available from 5 to 10 years.

Metal Roofing and Siding

(Standing Seam, Corrugated, Flat Sheet) Metal roofing, siding and flat sheet materials can create a myriad of Architectural and structural metal configurations, including but not limited to domes, extreme pitch, curves, and complex design criteria in addition to performing simple tasks such as shed roof. Mechanically seemed panels can be field formed or Pre-formed in the plant in a variety of panel profiles and material choices (aluminum, steel, galvalume, zinc, tern and more).

Coping, Fascia, Reglets, Industrial Gutters

Coping: Pre-formed metal parapet cap materials come in a variety of materials to secure the perimeter or parapet wall membrane attachment, in a leak-tight and blow-off warranted fashion. Most specifiers insist upon Kynar finishes on metal to resist u.v.., salt spray, and general deterioration normally associated with roof edge treatments. Fascia: Pre-formed metal drip edge, gravel stops and other perimeter fastening mechanisms, designed to compliment numerous low sloped roofing membrane systems. Both coping and fascia systems warrant the performance of a roofing assembly that is NOT warranted by the membrane manufacturers. Reglets are used to terminate roofing membranes onto parapets, walls and other vertical surfaces. As important as the roof are all the many designed elements to shed the water off, paying attention to quality materials and workmanship in the gutters, downspouts and other attachments thereof is key to successful roof performance.

Pipe Supports

An engineered means of supporting pipes, vents, ducts and other equipment often located on the roof, spanning huge areas and are subject to a considerable movement of one kind or another. Whether the transfer of fluids, air, exhaust, most ductwork on roofs are not properly supported. Failure to specify proper supports serves neither the purpose intended (to support and allow for movement) nor the roof membrane they make contact with. There are a wide variety of penetrating and non-penetrating pipe supports and stands available to achieve the ultimate support in mechanical vents, pipes and other roof top equipment. Perfect for any building owner who needs an alternative to the frequent leaks associated with typical or standard pipe supports and pitch pans.

Below Grade Waterproofing

Both poured-in-place and concrete masonry unit (c.m.u.) wall and foundation construction methods require a barrier between them and the back-fill. Of the many varieties of below grade waterproofing available, sheet waterproofing has several advantages; convenience, applicator ease, and mils thickness suitable to prevent both puncture and water permeation. Rubberized asphalt materials are economical and effective.


(Inverted Roof Membrane Assembly) There are a number of techniques to achieve an IRMA. Essentially it's an upside down roof, where the membrane is beneath the insulation. One unique method of attaining a protected membrane roof is through specialty insulation board. Comprised of Dow Brand Styrofoam with light weight concrete ballast bonded in a patented manufacturing process. This is an extraordinary method of achieving reliable 'full-systems-warranties' while providing an R-5 per inch of insulating ability, and protecting the membrane of your roof against every aging factor used to calculate failure, i.e. ultra-violet rays, weather, thermal expansion/contraction, punctures, wind. If you intend to own your building for an extended period or house sensitive equipment, procedures or merely seek a roof system you don't have to think about, consider an IRMA.

Copper or steel shingle panels

Copper shingle panels with machined appearance of shingles or roof tiles. Also available in steel with Kynar 500 finishes.

Acrylic and Silicone Coating

Coatings are an appropriate solution to extend the life or enhance the aesthetics of a wide range of materials including but not limited to: BUR, Modified Bitumen, EPDM, TPO, Metal, Concrete, Wood and more. Silicone membranes are chemically engineered for better performance in ponded conditions and where diverse materials converge and must be joined in a splice. Acrylics, both with fabric and without, can be used for a variety of seamless applications and are an extremely affordable means of stretching out the life of a roof or contributing to refreshed aesthetics or regulating temperature via reflectivity or absorption. Specify materials only by those manufacturers of coatings having longevity, system (chemical) stability and high solids content with testing by independent laboratories for the specific performance keys of the building and owner's goals.

Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Deck Coatings

Nearly every commercial or multi-family space involves many areas of pedestrian traffic deck coatings or vehicular traffic decks or parking structures. Proven performance on these areas can be critical envelope waterproofing, fall prevention and safety measures, as well as reduced maintenance but with improved aesthetics at the fore. With high-performance poyurethane, polyurea, acrylic and or epoxy waterproofing you can seamlessly watertight and or skid-proof your pedestrian or vehicular decks.


Pedestals and levelers are the only way to achieve design excellence in any concrete paver or wood tiles decks and lanai-scapes, period! Only when the waterproofing is properly managed for engineered sloped-to-drain performance can one truly have confidence in waterproofed recreation roof decks. Pedestals are the only way to keep your lovely spaces LEVEL and LIVEABLE over all those waterproofing technicalities. From rooftop recreation oasis to raised-bed gardening your roof-top can be an a sturdy, level, surefooted surface to enjoy and created additional square footage on your extremely expensive realestate. Sky's the limit! 😉

Flexible Solar Cell PV Panels

Solar Roofing and Parking Cover Panels: Alternative energy production is maximized by using spaces like rooftops and parking covers to house solar panels. These must be lightweight, flexible and efficient. Solar cell thin-film technology is the high-tech solution for making these energy contributions possible, affordable and achievable without complex penetrations, weight and wind-load considerations Architects today.

Daylighting and Skylighting

Proper skylighting and the newer technology in this arena known as Daylighting can make all the difference. The list of features and benefits of proper daylighting is so long and impressive by finishing the read you'll wonder why you don't see a skylight in every applicable space! From acrylic, domed, prismatic, roof hatches, heat and smoke vents every possible configuration of roof daylighting system is available to increase your enjoyment and productivity in your space and overall property value. Fall protection consideration are extremely important along with resistance to impact fromstorms and debris. Choosing the right roof accessory is critical to safety and performance.

Metal Wall and Roof Panels

Metal Wall and Roof Panels enable the owners of commercial and industrial buildings to accomplish many needs in enveloped system. We can structurally skin the building and insulated (links to Metl Span) for any number of needs-- from cold-storage to industrial warehousing, senstive high-tech computing to high-security government buildings... to non-insulated roof and wall panels. Whether aluminum or steel the right gauge and performance is available per your specifications. Pre-manufacturered to accommodate windows, column covers, light shades, sun shades, grill covers and more can accessorize your design criteria.

Fasteners, Fastening Systems